Thursday, November 1, 2012

Honeymoon Retreats.

Honeymoon Retreats.
In my dreams, I have been looking for a unique personal retreat in one of my favourite places, a beautiful island. As you may know, I consider myself a shy lady, so that I may need an extra privacy to get inspired to write my new lyrics and other things...
In my Google search for the right place, I have found some interesting places to share with my readers and Online Blogger's friends to go there with our virtual dreams...
I personally think that it is nothing wrong to dream, if we dream with good dreams.
My daughter asked me -when my last grandchild was born in New York, what place would I choose for a second honeymoon, or birthday party, or special event, or personal retreat...
My answer was straight to the point. I said, "I would love to go to a beautiful paradise island."
Long ago, as a little child, my world was rather limited, since I only interacted with my family, School teachers, classmates, and neighbor's little friends. My mom and dad were very strict with my upbringing, and they had left almost nothing to say to personal views of my small world. So, when the TV appeared for the first time in my world, everything changed in my life, for I was able to see the real world out there from the TV Set. Right then, I began to dream to explore the big world a bit further when I would grow up as a woman...
The story began when my dear daddy bought our first TV Set in black and white in 1963. From then on, my dear mom and I spent time -after School- watching our favourite weekly shows, TV movies and other treats in delight. It was a memorable experience, since we never saw a TV Set before then. We were able to see our favourite Hollywood Stars, Great Musicians, and so on...
I remember being infatuated with paradise islands in the sea, pristine sandy beaches, with my loved ones by my side -sharing a slice of paradise on earth...
So, it was a real good treat to watch Gilligan's Island Show back then. The story told about a shipwreck after a tropical storm with a castaway of wealthy passengers sailing in a private boat with their skipper and helper, Mr. Gilligan. They survived all sort of predicaments. It was back then in my childhood, when I first began to dream with paradise islands in the sea.
This poet won't ever stop dreaming...
Do you remember them? Did you see Gilligan's Show back then?...
My message in a bottle
Travels round the sea.
Its journey is meant
To reach you and me.
Listen to my song of dreams
Where my world truly begin!!
Clouds of dreams painted in the sky
Paved the way for my spirit to climb high.
My goal was set to reach your soul along the way.
If my approach was successful, I would praise that day...
If I brought music and harmony with my message
In someone else's aching spirit,
Oh, what a joy! I would say...
I hope you embrace my words,
Songs and letters,
For I wrote them with much love.
My Lord and Savior speaks to my heart,
He is waiting for me up in Heaven above.
Author: Poet Starry Dawn.
Have you ever wondered how it would be like to live in a beautiful paradise island?
Yes, I have dreamt about it many times...
Have a blessed time there!!


EM Illustrator said...

Beautiful pictures my friend, thank you for this little treat!
Enjoy your day!


Starry Dawn said...

Oh! Hi my sweet dear friend Eva,
It's so good to see you here reading my posts. Thank you so much for coming over for a virtual cup of afternoon tea with me!
You are always welcome aboard, Eva!
I am happy to know you like these wonderful pictures of paradise...
Would you like to go there one day? It would be a memorable experience. Don't you think so?
I'll visit your blog soon. I am sorry for not posting much, but the Hurricane Sandy in New York broke my plans in million pieces. My dear family live in New York, and I am so worried for them.
Thanks God, they are all fine!
God may always bless you, Eva, and keep you safe, healthy and happy!
All the Best,
Poet Starry Dawn.

Chatty Crone said...

Well I like a lot of your photos! I think I like that bed on the ocean. I have always wanted one of those - lol. I loved Gilligan's Island - and I bet you feel like that once in awhile. sandie

Starry Dawn said...

Hi Sandie, my dear friend,
Oh! I am so impressed that you love these photos. I love them too!
They are actually places not too far from the USA.
The one you like is located in the British Virgin Islands. The owner of Google got married there and spent his honeymoon there with his young new wife.
How lucky some folks are!
I wish I could spend a personal retreat in one of those islands who look like Heaven on Earth...
This poet won't stop dreaming...
Thank you for visiting me, Sandie, and saying nice things!
Welcome Aboard at anytime!
All the Best,
Poet Starry.