Friday, April 13, 2012



Listen now to these words, for my tears will sour...
Today and at this hour, somewhere in the North Pole,
A trail of blood is left on the ice floes,
Baby Seals cry for their moms with their rhyming souls.
I cry aloud to the Lord writing my words out.
My heart bleeds drifting heartaches in the mist,
When I am watching the dying baby seals.
This cruel practice must soon end.
With pain and blood's shed, I shall never deal.

The Humane Society of the U.S. is doing its best
Trying to protect endangered species on this Earth.
Living species have their rights to live.
Conservation is the key for survival in birth.

I do not understand why humans kill.
To save the world, Lord, I say my prayers.
I lay my living words on Your Almighty feet, if You care.
Please dear God, change the world for the better,
For this inner pain, I -no longer- bear.

If you still love to listen to the serenade of seal pups at dawn,
With the wrinkled sea beneath the early sun,
If you still love to see them alive crawling in the snow,
These white furry friendly pups are just like warm cotton balls.
You can certainly make a difference in their young lives...
Let us join together to save them!! Let us make the calls!!

Oh, Lord!! Hear my heartbeats for the baby seals!!
I believe in the power of prayers, in the power of Your love,
It indeed, unfolds before my eyes.
I shall soar like an eagle, for Your Holy Spirit leads me on,
To reach Your heart, Lord, where I truly belong.

Author: Poet & Song-Writer Starry Dawn.

"Crying Baby Seals for Help!!..." S.O.S. Help!!...

"Crying Baby Seals for Help!!..."  S.O.S. Help!!...

This is me, a baby seal...
Have you heard that they have been killing baby seals for many years in areas where we live closed to the North Pole??
Why??... You are our only hope.
Please, let it stop!! This barbaric and cruel practice should not be possible in our modern society.
Do not turn your back on us!!
We are defenseless, helpless, voiceless ones.
You are the voice of the voiceless, our final hope, the caring help for the helpless ones.
Please, help us!! We feel the pain, we bleed to death.
We are being slaughtered, and it is going on right now,
every single year in APRIL...
Who is to decide about life and death??
I did not harm anyone!! I was just swimming around doing nothing, and now I am dead...
Please, help us!! Please, help the Baby Seals!!
Please, do not leave us alone!!...
Stop the Killing of Seals for Fashion!! We need our skin.
You can make a difference in our lives by forwarding this message to as many people as you can, if you really care
to help us. It is not much to ask from you, dear readers. 
Sir Paul McCartney (ex-The Beatles) was in our land trying to help us, but he couldn't. They not even heard him...
Again please, bring these cruel practices and murders of Baby Seals to the attention of the world!!
Thank you in advance for reading about us!!