Friday, January 3, 2014

"If Tomorrow Never Comes." Starry's Poem.

"If Tomorrow Never Comes."  Starry's Poem.
Catching every breath I deeply take,
And moving slowly into the rainbow,
I lie beneath the sunset
Watching the foam of sea waves rolling down.

If tomorrow never comes,
I'll hold no regrets behind,
I have found no lasting moments
To rest happily on my mind.

New places envision a new freedom
Venturing into gardens with open doors.
I step into the midst of hush
Where the lions roar and eagles soar.

I spread the wings of my soul
Writing a heartfelt creation.
My soul soars like an eagle
Bringing hope to others with my inspiration.

Author: Poet Starry Dawn.
My Poetry Corner is: "Thanks for the Gift of Life."
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Note: I was in the mood to share one of my poems in my nature site.
Until we write again...