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Building Sand Castles and Dreams...

Building Sand Castles and Dreams...
As a little child, I remember being totally electrified by sand castles and dreams -built in pristine white sandy beaches with sand dunes-, and also by fairy tales. Then, I would begin to dream with majestic and superior dreams and plans for my lifetime, in which I would definetely try to explore with new journeys and ventures to change the world for the better. I would learn -as I grew older- that there is new wisdom for you to discover in the world you live in. God's love is everywhere, so go ahead and find it! Dive into your deepest feelings as you go along dealing with an every day life. The message is surely filled with rich meaning to teach you, for instance a dance of profound proportions, the power to change yourself for the better. Observe your natural environment, study and explore all that is happening in your world, take down notes if you need to, share what you see and know with others. Be a compassionate soul, not a selfish one. God is your Savior, and the source of your existence. You lovingly watch the daily motion, listen to the music of your heart, and take note of how all these things make you feel. The richness of life is all around you. Drop your shallow pretenses, and find in the Angels of God's whispers good news after all. Let life work its magic on you! A Brotherhood of Christians in Action may change the world, if you really wish to.
I am a living example of how a person with a strong self-discipline and will can change something...
It makes me feel so very sad to talk about myself, which I rarely do, yet I may say that I am a survivor of domestic violence, emotional and physical cruel abuses in the past, which left traces in my body and mind. I also suffer from chronic allergy that causes my asthma attacks, a PTS sufferer, plus other health issues, such as obesity, disorders with my lymphatic system causing severe swelling in my limbs, varicose veins, arthritis, and other sores, spiritual ailments that won't heal easily. Anyway, aware that I am still alive, then I might have the power to change something for the better with good attitudes of lasting moral values and positive words.
I share some lyrics, like painting dreams this day, and hopefully, bringing a smile to your face...
 See the children how they build sandcastles...
That is one way to build your dreams.
Have you ever thought in drawing a smile
On the way to a starry moonbeam?
Don't carry the world upon your shoulders!
The weight of sins is too big
For you to carry alone.
So, share some of your loud before you go home.
Hear the cry of the rainbow
Painting dew drops and dreams in your eyes,
Sitting on a rock at the beach
Counting your blessings for being alive!
Hey there! We are like the rainbow.
Cast your gaze over the deep blue sea.
Catch the glimmer of rolling waves,
As time stands still in your eyes.
Be a vessel of love, offer a brand new smile,
And a glimpse of your life.
The sea breeze becomes a lifetime tradition.
The spirit eyes in the sky
Paint a rainbow on a tiny rosebud,
Which ignites your feeling for BEING ALIVE.

Note:  Due to Personal and Health Issues, I could only Write One Post or So a Month 
in Every Blog.
Please, Surf Round My Other Blogs, and see if you find something that pleases you to read.
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This Post is written in "My Natural Environment Site." So, I should add something important for you to know. I am an Animal Lover & Advocate. I defend Animals' Rights. 
"I am against Dog Meat Trade in Asia Countries." (You may find information, and you tube videos about that in the Internet.) I love dogs, cats, horses, etc. They are my loving pets, not for food. There are almost 4,000,000,000 (4 Billion) people in Asia itself. Just think for a moment! Just imagine the future how it'll be like for your grandchildren! How much damage can be done to our planet Earth, if the population of the world continue growing at these huge numbers? 
Natural Resources can't be reproduced so fast as too many people may need in future generations to come ahead of us. Our living species will face extinction. Extinction will be forever. Our planet Earth will be devastated in the near future. Humans are responsible for lethal damages.
Thank you in advance for reading!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"A Day to Remember..." by Starry.

"A Day to Remember..."  by Starry.

As you may know, due to my personal and health issues, I am unable to post too often.
However, I'll try to post something to amuse my readers once a month or so.
Today, I'll share a passage of my life that is almost true in many ways. 
Yet, I added some spicy flavours to provide this short story with a special ending.
The Passage...
At daybreak, the sailboat left the harbor with eight couples on board, plus the skipper and his sailor, a brown Labrador watchdog. Frank  and I were among the crew. We would be going for a sail out the sea on a day journey to a desert island nearby.
   Once we got there around noon, we would bring our lunch and have it on the island. Since it was uninhabited, the gorgeous coral reef or atoll with pristine sandy beaches surrounded by the turquoise sea, had nobody there to help if we would need anything.

   A rowboat was loaded with the crew to land at the shore. We brought our snacks, tuna fish, peanut butter and cranberry sandwiches with a bottle of water. Frank had his camera ready to record our memorable adventure. He also gathered seashells to display at our Art Studio in New York.
   At one point, a bottle in the sand aroused hubby's attention. He exclaimed in astonishment: “ I have found a bottle with a message in the sand.             Perhaps, it might have been written by one of the pirates in the Caribbean Sea. I shall keep it, so that we could read the message after we get back home.”
We glanced at the sea and the blue sky up above celebrating our Anniversary. After having a few bites of our snacks, Frank kept busy taking pictures of nature while I dreamt on the sand. It seemed as if I had fallen fast asleep when a sudden noise disturbed my peaceful dreams.
A rattlesnake was watching me from the bush behind.
Was it real, or just a dream? I wondered.
   Then, I woke up with pain in my right leg noticing bloody like stains there. I felt as though I had been stung. I screamed!

   I had always been infatuated with pristine sandy beaches with soft white sand dunes, coral reefs and paradise islands in the deep blue sea. Hence our day journey on a vessel set indeed, a memorable experience.

   We could not wait to read the message in the bottle, so we began to explore a bit farther. We had discovered something amazing after all.
We were all happy and safe back on board again sailing the sea. I took the last glance at the distant desert island, letting a sigh of relief and realizing that it must have been just a dream or rather a nightmare not with blood, but cranberry sauce on my leg. I share a real pic of Frank, my best friend.


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