Monday, December 31, 2012

My dear cat Frank, The Legend, wishes you Happy New Year from Heaven...

"My dear cat Frank, The Legend, wishes you Happy New Year from Heaven..."

 Hello friends of my dear mother,

I am Frank, a seal-point Siamese cat. My dear mother calls me: "Frank, The Legend."
I was born in March 1995. I'll be 18 years old in March 2013, only if that is God's will.
I am still around this day at this moment, but I have got serious health issues, especially
in my old heart full of love for my mom. I am running out of time. I do not know how
much time I have left. My daddy is telling my mom that he might put me to sleep soon...
My parents do not want me to suffer a horrible death...
I wish I could stay with my mom forever in this life, and in the after-life in Eternity.
But, my days, my hours in fact, are running short.
My dear mom is an animal lover and advocate for the helpless, and their rights to
live a better life. Her deep love is like a mountain, and it travels far with the wind.
I have a feeling that my daddy will pick me up and take me away at anytime...
So, I would like to say good-bye to all dear Online friends of my mom.
Please, show her that you truly care and appreciate her lovely friendship.
She is a real lovely Christian lady, and the best mom in the whole wide world.
Now, she is crying all the time for me. She said that she would Go Offline for a while.
Since our mom suffers emotional disorders, we -her best furry friends- have been
Therapy Animals in her lonely life. She needs the water of love more than anything.
Anyway, I am not sure that I shall live tomorrow, which is New Year 2013.
I may probably die today, or tomorrow, or soon...
Good-Bye, My Friends! I am sure my mom has been telling you lots of true stories about us, her dear family cats. I also hate to leave my furry friends, Sonya and Little Bear,  the last ones of my mom's rescue homeless cats. They will be 11 years old in March 2013.
Unfortunately, I won`t be with them in a physical presence, but my spirit and love will
always be with them, and with my dear mom too...
I shall be reunited and resting forever with my ancestry family members, my mom, my dad, siblings, and furry friends -who crossed the Rainbow Bridge long before me- like Mimmo, Piruchitta, Bridget, Blueberry, Harvey, Adolph, and my biological mom, Daisy and my dad, Lucky, and the rest of my great ancestors.
They are all waiting for me in Heaven with the Lord.....
So long folks!  Until we meet again in Eternity.


Monday, December 17, 2012


The Rockefeller Center with its giant Christmas Tree in New York City.
Merry Christmas to One and All, Dear Readers!!
This is an old photo with our little Christmas Tree, and Bridget, my rescued cat. Bridget was abandoned in a box -when she was still a little kitten with her siblings- in the Hospital backyard where my hubby worked as a Chief Physician Surgeon at The Emergency Room. I rescued and helped many homeless cats and kittens like her. I also rescued some puppies and dogs.
My hubby and I spent Christmas at home with our dear cats long ago...
I got Daisy, a Seal Point Siamese, in 1991, as a 12th birthday present for my little daughter.
In this photo, mom Daisy (1991-2001) is the one who is sleeping next to her three offsprings.
My dear cats' family has been Frank, Harvey, Blueberry, and their mom Daisy, plus many more rescued homeless cats. I gave them shelter, health care and love.
Frank was born in March of 1995. He is still a living legend.
Frank, my seal-point Siamese, is almost 18 years old at this point in time.
Unfortunately, he is experiencing some health issues (liver and gallbladder infection) right now. Frank is under strong medications. If he does not improve his health in the next two days, the Veterinarian will have to perform a surgery which will remove Frank's gallbladder. In other words, his precious life is at stake. You see I treat my dear cats as if they were my own children. I love them so much!! So, I am taking great special care of him. Frank is Daisy's last son alive. 
His other family members and furry buddies have already crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
His furry best friends, Sonya and Little Bear, my rescued cats, keep Frank warm.
They will be 11 years old in February of 2013. We only have 3 cats alive...
This is a photo of our small table in our apartment. You are invited for supper.
Would you come in and join us? I wonder...

This is a photo of my beautiful garden terrace on top of our Apartment Building
where I read My Bible on daily basis.
This is a picture of My Good News Bible.
Jesus is at the door of your heart. Will you let Him in?...
Do you know what is Christmas all about?...
Do you know the meaning of Christmas?...
Christmas day is a day to remember and celebrate a Holly birth, the birth of Jesus.
Jesus was born, our dear Lord and Savior.
Let's remember and share a sweet Christmas Poem that I wrote long ago...
Struggling on the battlefield of life,
I pray for God's grace and mercy.
He is the mirror of my soul.
Jesus, come and sit a while with me.
I am not dwelling or weeping
On the valley of the glowing sun.
Oh, Lord! Help us with Your healing love!
I pray at Your Holly feet, and try to understand...
I hear the whistling wind in Christmas time,
It carries soft voices on the bay...
Let Jesus show you the way!
Let our dear Lord grants His mercy!
Follow God's plan for your unique play.
Thank Him for blessings and for this new day!
Still bringing the teaching message,
The choir of little Angels arose the crowd.
Listen to the shuffle of their little wings,
Open your eyes, smile and erase your frown.
Jesus, the baby in the manger,
How easy is to love
The Master, our Lord and Savior.
At birth, His morning star was high up above.
Mary and Joseph held Him in their arms,
And they were so happy to have.
Oh, how easy is -our Lord- to love!
Jesus, the baby in the manger was born.
How easy is to praise Him,
To elevate prayers in Hymns and in every form.
An Angel of God appeared in Joseph's dreams.
In the town of Bethlehem, the Holy Spirit announced Mary
That she would bear Christ, the King,
Who would save His people from their sins,
Promise an everlasting life in Heaven upon high,
And a peaceful resting in paradise.
Celebrate Christ's birth on Earth!
The Messiah, the baby in the manger,
The messenger of peace,
Our Lord was born.
It is Christmas Time. Rejoice!
Praise Him and pray in all forms.
Baby Jesus, the Nazarene,
I would hold You in my arms.
I shall live for You forever
And stay away from harm.
At Christmas, may you pause to feel the love
Of Heaven deep within your heart.
Praise and glory to God in the Highest!
Fill all your life with the Lord's Art.
Peace on Earth, and good will in mind to mankind,
So serenity in your lifetime, you will certainly find.
Author: Starry Dawn.
Dear Readers,
This little note goes out for all my friends. I glance at the world today, and this is exactly what has been on my heart for the last few days.
The Holidays are upon us, and it can be a very joyful time of year. Some of us, however, may have issues during the holidays. Sometimes, we are overwhelmed with great sadness when we remember our beloved ones who are not with us any longer.
One of the worse things that could happen to a mother, to a parent is to lose her/his child. Some mothers in the United States at this time will spend Christmas without their beloved children, for they are little Angels in Heaven with the Lord. The story tells that an evil doer took their little precious hearts for no reason, while they were in classrooms at a School in Newtown, Connecticut. This unfold news touched a nerve across the whole world, and the U.S. President and other world leaders expressed a deep grief behind their tears. People across the world are sharing their concern and sadness over this tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.
Many people have no one to spend this Christmas time with, and they are besieged by loneliness. We all need caring thoughts and loving prayers right now. We should say a prayer, give a moment of support to all those who have family problems, health struggles, job issues, worries of any kind, and just need to know that someone cares. We all need moral support, a helping hand, and the power of friendship love. Peace be with you all!
It is about time that we should allow ourselves to change for the better, for better days ahead of us. Would you like to change the world for a better world?...
You see, no matter what we do, we can't change the number of hours that are gone in the day. We are unable to stop the time from going. Yet, you have a great impact and power over what goes into those hours, and what comes out from them. So, fill the hours with positive purposes, and the passing of time will work in your favor. Fill your day with meaning, spiritual food for your soul, with creativity, with goodness, joy and love; and each day will leave behind lasting values for your own world. Align your efforts more closely with your true purpose, and you'll find that those efforts quickly become much more effective.
Choose to put more meaning in each moment in your life, and you'll find a sense of fulfillment in your heart. Begin to fill the world with your own unique beauty and goodness, store your awards and go beyond the limits of time. Therefore, your own world will be filled with meaningful and positive actions.
Moreover, when conditions change for the worse, there is no need to despair or give up, for you have the ability to find a new starting point, a new beginning, from which you can raise yourself to higher levels of achievement. There is always a way to get where you have chosen to go. Each challenge gives you new ways to add stronger values to your dreams.
Let us become an example of life for others to follow in the same path of a righteous life!
Thank you for visiting my sites and lingering with me for a while!
You may visit my other blogs and read my older posts, if you wish...
From this moment on, I am taking a long writing break.

Monday, December 10, 2012

"Stone Age Art, and Some Extinct Species."

"Stone Age Art, and Some Extinct Species."
Dear Readers,
Today's article will be one of the last posts for 2012.
So, I shall be taking a long writing break after the Holidays.
Christmas is coming soon, the celebration of Jesus Christ birth, our Savior.
I love the Christmas Spirit!
Anyway, I should be getting ready for my journey back home to New York, for my dear family gathering reunion in the Spring of 2013, if that is God's will.
Packing things in my suitcases will be a memorable challenge for me, since I still suffer from health issues such as asthma, allergy, post traumatic syndrome (PTS), a painful overweight, swelling limbs, so on and so forth. Please, help me God!
I may need some kind of help. I think I am not able to travel alone the way I used to...
Thank you for lingering with me for a while, dear readers!!
Now, I'll post today's article.
Stone Age Art in Stonehenge, England.
Stone Age Art in Rapanui Island, Easter Island, South America.
Stone Age Art. Cave Mountain of the Hands in South America.
The world population has dramatically increased since the last Stone Age. It is the total number of living humans on Earth. As of today, it is estimated to number over 7 Billion by the United States Census Bureau. The world population has experimented continuous growth. The global population expected to reach about 10.5 Billion by 2050, and grow even larger over the passing years. Some analysts have questioned and concerned the sustainability of further world population growth, citing the growing pressures on the natural environment, and global food supplies which could become a shortage of food in the future, or even nothing to eat at all for so many eventually hungry humans.
Would they eventually become cannibals? I wonder...
I'll be dead by then. Thanks God!
The engineering of our planet Earth was engraved with the most perfect species conceived, God's Almighty creations. Yet many of them perished long ago, and were extinct forever from the face of the Earth. I wonder why...
I think modern inhabitants -human beings- encrouched on the rights of other living species by over hunting and over taking their natural habitats have got a lot to do with that. Therefore, the most vulnerable ones encountered being wiped out and sent to oblivion.
Who are the worst predators in the world? I wonder...
Many species have the status of endangered, but many folks still don't care about them. One day, there will be nothing left to eat, if human overpopulations keep on growing by the Billions. I won't be alive at the time when those events happen.
However, I am still concern -as a good Christian- for the future generations to come.
I pray to God to reach out for a Brotherhood of Christians in Action to save the world.
Mountain Cave of the Hands.
Mountain Entrance to the Cave of the Hands in South America.
Stone Age Art. The Cave of the Hands.
Stone Age Art. The Cave of the Hands.
Stone Age Art. Hands' Cave.
Stone Age Art found in France Cave.
Some examples of Today's African carved wooden masks.
Stone Age Art in Rapanui Island, Easter Island in South America.
Tours to Rapanui Island, Easter Island.
Stone Age Art in Rapanui Island, Easter Island.
Stone Age Art in Easter Island.
Stone Age Art in Rapanui Island.
Stone Age Art in Stonehenge in England.
Tours to Stonehenge in England.
Stone Age Art in Stonehenge, England.
Stone Age Art in Stonehenge, England.
Yes! I feel sad for the extinct species...
Columbian Mammoth, Extinct Species.
Woolly Mammoth, Extinct Species.
Mammoth Fossil at a Natural Science Museum. Extinct Species.
Most populations of the woolly mammoth in North America and Eurasia died out around the time of the last glacial retreat, as part of a mass extinction of megafauna in northern Eurasia and the Americas (North, Central and South). Until recently, the last woolly mammoths were generally assumed to have vanished from Europe and Southern Siberia about 12,000 years ago, but new findings show that some of them were still present there about 10,000 years ago.
However, the Wrangel Island is an island in the Arctic Ocean with a severe polar climate. This remote Arctic island is believed to be the final place on Earth to support woolly mammoths as an isolated population until their extinction about 2,000 B.C., making them the most recent surviving population known to science.
A combination of late climate change (warming), and the presence of paleo-human hunters probably hastened their extinction.
Image of a Prehistoric Mammoth at a Natural Science Museum.
Photo of a couple of Thylacine, the Tasmanian Tiger, Extinct Species.
Stone Age Art of the Thylacine painted on a rock.
Photo of Thylacine Cubs. Extinct Species in the 20th Century due to human hunting.
The thylacine, an alpha predator marsupial, commonly known as the Tasmanian Tiger, was a native to continental Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea. He was an amazing and unique animal. It is thought to become extinct in the 20th Century. Intensive human hunting is generally blamed for its extinction, but other contributing factors may have been encroachment into its habitat. The importance of life until its gone, the loss of species is truly a criminal act on a grand scale. We -humans- could be next...
The last Tasmanian Tiger, Thylacine, died at the Hobart Zoo, Tasmania in 1936.
I keep wondering if weapons kill animals, they can also kill humans and destroy the whole world as well. Don't you think it is about time to change the world for a better world!!