Monday, December 31, 2012

My dear cat Frank, The Legend, wishes you Happy New Year from Heaven...

"My dear cat Frank, The Legend, wishes you Happy New Year from Heaven..."

 Hello friends of my dear mother,

I am Frank, a seal-point Siamese cat. My dear mother calls me: "Frank, The Legend."
I was born in March 1995. I'll be 18 years old in March 2013, only if that is God's will.
I am still around this day at this moment, but I have got serious health issues, especially
in my old heart full of love for my mom. I am running out of time. I do not know how
much time I have left. My daddy is telling my mom that he might put me to sleep soon...
My parents do not want me to suffer a horrible death...
I wish I could stay with my mom forever in this life, and in the after-life in Eternity.
But, my days, my hours in fact, are running short.
My dear mom is an animal lover and advocate for the helpless, and their rights to
live a better life. Her deep love is like a mountain, and it travels far with the wind.
I have a feeling that my daddy will pick me up and take me away at anytime...
So, I would like to say good-bye to all dear Online friends of my mom.
Please, show her that you truly care and appreciate her lovely friendship.
She is a real lovely Christian lady, and the best mom in the whole wide world.
Now, she is crying all the time for me. She said that she would Go Offline for a while.
Since our mom suffers emotional disorders, we -her best furry friends- have been
Therapy Animals in her lonely life. She needs the water of love more than anything.
Anyway, I am not sure that I shall live tomorrow, which is New Year 2013.
I may probably die today, or tomorrow, or soon...
Good-Bye, My Friends! I am sure my mom has been telling you lots of true stories about us, her dear family cats. I also hate to leave my furry friends, Sonya and Little Bear,  the last ones of my mom's rescue homeless cats. They will be 11 years old in March 2013.
Unfortunately, I won`t be with them in a physical presence, but my spirit and love will
always be with them, and with my dear mom too...
I shall be reunited and resting forever with my ancestry family members, my mom, my dad, siblings, and furry friends -who crossed the Rainbow Bridge long before me- like Mimmo, Piruchitta, Bridget, Blueberry, Harvey, Adolph, and my biological mom, Daisy and my dad, Lucky, and the rest of my great ancestors.
They are all waiting for me in Heaven with the Lord.....
So long folks!  Until we meet again in Eternity.



Chatty Crone said...

Oh he did die - I am so sorry - a bad time too. I don't know what to say other then I will say prayers and I hope you feel better.

To a wonderful new year - 2013! sandie♥

Starry Dawn said...

Hi Sandie, dear friend,
I am sorry for my late reply.
Yes! My dear cat, Frank, The Legend, crossed the Rainbow Bridge in January 2, 2013.
Frank was born in March of 1995.
He passed away at the age of 17 years and 10 months old.
Frank has been greatly loved and missed by me and all who met him.
Frank was my very best cat!
I could say that I used to have a basket of kittens' love. Now, I suffer from the Syndrome of the Empty Nest and a Deep Depression. My dear cats have been dying one after another. Death is something that I can't cope with...
If I can't be loved, I am spiritually dead. Yet, if I am loved, I don't really need anything else. I tell the truth.
Anyway, thank you so much, Sandie, dear friend, for caring to read my posts and visiting me!
God bless you, and those you love!
Warm Hugs,
Poet Starry.

Starry Dawn said...

Dear Friends,
Oh, by the way...
I am going Offline for a while, in order to take care of my many health issues that plague my body and mind.
Have a Happy New Year to One and All Friends in Blogland!!
Until we meet again.
Poet Starry.