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A Little Visual Tour about My Family History.

A Little Visual Tour about My Family History.
The beautiful swallow birds are here now. I can see them fly in the sky round my Apartment Terrace on the 16th floor. They have traveled from the Old Mission Stone Church of "San Juan Capistrano" in Southern California, USA. to Goya, which is located at the end of the tropical Amazone Rainforest in S.A. These amazing birds travel over 10,000 km. every year to the same place to spend the Summer here and there.
What an amazing story about these gorgeous birds!!...
I hasten my steps towards the end of the passageway. The waves travel at uniform speed on a time frame. I truly love writing with a real passion. One day, I would love to write the story of my life, if that is God's will. However, my daughter does not want me to do it...
Dear Readers, You are the ones who encourage, fuel, stimulate, fulfill, or satisfy my desires to keep on writing posts in my blogs. Without your heartfelt comments, I'll view my presence in here -as if it's not worth it for me to spend my time, which is not worthwhile for you. So, I'll vanish into the Cyberspace, and fly up in the air with a feeling of an empty heart..
It'll mean to me, as if I am not really successful with my writings. I think that I do not hassle anybody for doing what I do: writing my stories, poems, thoughts, articles, essays, song lyrics, etc. Anyway, I'll post today. Then, I'll post a couple more things before taking my long break...
Pictures only serve as illustrations. The contents of the story or poem are the important things.
My bookshelves are crammed with books, notebooks, my music equipment, and other things. Plus, I also keep there my stories, poems, thoughts, song lyrics, articles, journals, photos, images, magazines, computer texts, essays, and so on. My room is full, and I have no more place for anything else. I would just need to move out to a bigger house, in order for me to feel comfortable and keep on writing my stories, poems and songs.
When I was a little child, one of the things that I loved the most was to sit round the campfire with my grandfather, my grandmother, and my mom and dad telling me their old amazing stories about their family ancestry, and how things were in the past, especially back in the late 1800's. I was a curious little child who was eager and interested to learn and explore the world out there myself. 
When I was a little child, my mom told me that she was cursed by evil doers, and the curse would also go into me, and my offspring until the end of our bloodline. Back then, I was scared to death, and I prayed to the Lord, although my inner scars would remain forever...
 The following photo is my dear maternal Northern Italian (from Genova) grandmother (the mother of my mother) and me as a little child. My granny lived with us at home, and she helped my mom with my upbringing. So, they were all very strict with me, straight from my early childhood. I did NOT have much TOYS to play with...
Now, I am a grandmother myself. But, I feel that I am going through my second childhood or second crazy teenagerhood with all my little super toys, such as computer devices, music equipments, cellular phones, flat TV Sets, cars, and so on that I truly enjoy having.
They are super lovely things that I never had as a child.
This photo shows my dear parents and me -as a child- in a party after my Holly Communion at Church. Can you see that my parents looked very strict, and I looked unhappy and sad?...
 At that time, my father was a rather wealthy Business man dealing with the Steel Industry, before going into a double bankruptcy a decade later or so. He used to travel round the world in business trips, played pocker with his friends until the wee hours, so I spent much time alone -as a little child- with my dear granny and mom. Telling you the truth, I do not remember seeing my father too much at home, plus he was certainly NOT A ROLE MODEL TO ME. He was always busy somewhere else. It seemed to me that he would not have much time left for his own family, except on Sunday which was Daddy's Day every Sunday.  My father bought our first TV Set in Black and White around 1963. So, we all watched our favourite TV Shows at home after I did my School homework. My dear granny passed away at that time, my daddy left my dear mom for another younger woman, and I would be left astray inside my young heart. As a child, I honestly remembered good shows that I truly enjoyed watching at that time. As a little girl, I would develop my first wishes to be a part of those wonderful American Shows and the American Dream. Since the early stages of my life, I've always wanted to become a freelance writer, poet and lyricist when I grew up as an adult. Neither of my parents supported my dreams in any way. They wanted me to be just an average daughter who would take care of her sick old mom until the end of her life. Moreover, I was not allowed to have a boyfriend, and never married. Unfortunately for my parents, the American Dream would be much stronger inside my heart than anything else in the whole world. Then, when I was ready in my early 20's, I would plan, prepare myself and leave my dear mom's home forever, and settle down in New York where my new life began. Sadly, I shattered my mother's heart in million pieces. She would never be the same again. My mom lost her desire for living. Yet, the curse originally laid on my family continued. My nightmare was about to begin in New York and remain forever...
Do you remember these photos of famous TV Shows?
I wonder...
This American TV Show was a Super Woman.
This American TV Show was Mission Impossible, a Great Show.
Do you remember the famous American TV Show, "I love Lucy."?
I have always loved Hollywood TV Shows and Films.
Now, I share some more family pictures of my aunts (the sisters of my father), my daughter holding her first baby, my first granddaughter, and me. These are old photos. The baby in this pic is my first granddaughter, and she has just turned 15 years old in 2012.
God bless her young heart!
My dear daughter was born in New York where she lives with her American husband, and her 3 American children, my grandchildren. They were all born in New York.
I love my dearest New York family!!
My first granddaughter is 15 years old now. In this photo, she was nearly 2 years old.
This is a photo of my first granddaughter. She turned 15 years old in 2012.
God bless her beautiful heart! It seems like time flies...
The first photo shows my dear two aunts and me in their home long ago.
Here, you will also see my pianist aunt and me singing along in one of the pics. The other photo is my dear aunt playing the piano at a Live Concert. She was an Opera Soprano Singer and a Piano Concertist. She played at Church on Sundays and in Weddings. I miss them all!
Now, I am going to share very Old Family Photos. The next one shows my parents getting married with my grandparents -as godparents- at Church in 1947, a long time ago...
My dear mother was a beautiful lovely lady. She is in Heaven with the Lord.
"If tears could build a stairway, and memories a perfect lane, I would walk right up to Heaven, and bring you home again."
My dear mom was killed (butchered) in January of 1986, due to medical malpractice in a private clinic overseas. My parents were separated. My dad left my mom for another woman when I was 8 years old. I was their only child. That evil woman not only broke my mom' heart and mine, but also drove my father to a double bankruptcy. My young broken heart was left with a sense that I would NEVER TRUST men again. I lived with my mom until I left to New York in my early 20's. Then, my mother lived alone for the rest of her short life. She was a special lady with emotional issues from her childhood, plus the aging process in her body. My father did not tell me anything that my mom was sick, and she would have to go into a clinic for a special test.  I would have flied back to where she was to bring support for her heart and spirit. That fact was certainly a very bad move on the part of my father. He actually left her alone -he should have stayed with her at all times- in the clinic while those folks were performing the colonoscopy test on my poor mom. My father called me after she died to give me the bad news. I was in shock, and I really wanted to die myself, for I felt that I would have nothing left to live for. I was in New York -rather helpless living with my abusive husband- upbringing my little daughter, and we both flew back there to see her again, yet she was dead. While I was over there with my child, I had found two letters. One letter was half written and addressed to me with a very recent date. The other letter was rather hidden inside her closet next to Jesus' image and a candle. Actually, it was a prayer request more than a letter.
It said: "Please Jesus, listen to my prayers, intervene in my daughter's life, protect her from all evil, especially her husband who hits my daughter, torments and abuses her in many cruel ways. If you save my daughter, I am willing to give my own life in exchange for my dear daughter's life. I pray in Jesus' Holy Name. Amen."
I still love my mom and miss her a great deal!!
This old pic shows my mom next to her (Italian) mother and her (Austrian) mother-in-law, who were my two grandmothers, the mother of my mother, and the mother of my father.
They were all beautiful lovely European ladies!!
Well now, we are going back in time to the early 1900's. The following photo shows my maternal Europeans grandparents, the father and mother of my mother with two of her four children. The children next to my grandparents were my mother's older sister and my mother's older brother.
My mom was not there, because she wasn't born yet...
The father of my mother was Swiss. He was born around 1880 in Vevey, Switzerland. His mother was Swiss, and his father was Italian. He married my grandmother who was also Italian from Genova. My grandfather was an Artistic Painter. He used to teach how to paint Oil Paintings in his School of Art. He also painted his great collection of Artistic Paintings that evoked the Reinassance Era. My grandfather asked a sculptor to do a sculpture of his face to display at his School of Art. He died young in 1927. My mom was only 2 years old when her father died. My grandmother turned from a wealthy life into a dreadful poverty at a single touch. My granny gave her baby girl -my mom- to her parents for her upbringing...
My dear mother grew up with her maternal Italian grandparents who were cousins and so terribly strict, and she developed a deep depression state of mind, plus lack of self-esteem at a young age, since her early childhood. She told me that she had nothing. Her many aunts and uncles -14 all together- made dolls for my mom -as a little child- out of old clothings. Her grandparents only sent her to Elementary School. Then, they sent her to learn how to become a costume tailor, and after that, she had to work to make an honest living. Plus, she was not allowed to have a boyfriend ever.
My mom wanted to study furthermore, get her High School Diploma, go to College and become a Pharmacist or an English Translator.
Her dreams were shattered, never fulfilled...
You might ask yourself how I was born, if my dear mom was not allowed to have a boyfriend. Well, the story of my family tells that my mom began to work at the age of 18 in a huge British Mega Store in downtown. The store was a similar one to Harrod's in London, England.
On the way to her grandparent's home, my mom met my father. At that point, he was also walking down the street to his parent's home, for they were neighbors, yet they had never met before. My father said something to my mom, and they began to talk for a while. Then, they started seeing each other just for a short while after work. My mom told me that she would decide to introduce her fiance√®, my father, to her own grandmother, aunts and uncles at that time. They would get so furious towards my mom, for she would never be allowed to have a boyfriend and never marry. Her life would have to be devoted to her upbringing foster family, her grandmother, aunts and uncles who helped her to grow up.
My frustrated mom, then, decided to leave her grandmother's home forever. She found her mom, who was living closed by in the same neighborhood, and moved with her. Then, my father was able to see my mom and date her for a while until they got married in 1947. 
I share some photos of my maternal grandfather's great collection of paintings as well.
These are old Photos of My (Maternal) Grandfather's Art Studio.
This is the last old photo I share today from My Family Album Pictures.
This pic was taken in Vienna, Austria around 1870 or so. The little girl in this old photo is the mother of my paternal grandmother, the mother of my father. In other words, this little girl was my great grandmother on my father side. The gentleman with a long beard is the father of that little girl, my great-great grandfather, and my father's great-grandfather. He was born in Vienna, Austria. He was a Broker, and also a Musician and Pianist. They were many musicians on my father's side. In other words, I have got artistic talents on both sides of my dear family. Praise the Lord!
Well, after all these Old Family Pictures that you see, I'll give you a glass of natural juice to drink as a refreshment. So, I'll share a lovely poem that I wrote for the Lord a while ago. It talks about my spiritual transformation throughout my lifetime...
This is me in my early 40's...
Mom Daisy with her offspring, Blueberry, Harvey and Frank at home.
My cat Blueberry, Daisy's baby girl, with my books in My Home Studio.
Baby Angie and Harvey at home.
The terrace of our apartment with our plants and The Bible.
My Computer Work Station and My Bookcase.
Baby Angie, my rescued dog, when she was 45 days old or so.
The front view of my aunts' house, and their Fiat 600 Car.
The view of the City from the balcony of our apartment.
My dear aunts and me in our apartment on Christmas Eve.
Christmas with my aunts and me in the balcony of our apartment.
My daughter and me in my home.
My Rescued Cats, Frank, the Legend Siamese Cat, and me.
Mom Daisy, Dad Kent, Blueberry daughter, and baby Harvey.
Frank and Harvey sleeping in our bedroom at home.
My daughter with her first baby and me in New York in 1997.
My first granddaughter, my grandson and me in New York in 1999.
My daughter and me on Christmas day in my aunts' house long ago.
My dear daughter and her son, my grandson in their home in New York.
My daughter, my 3 grandchildren and me in New York in 2009.
My daughter, her husband, their 3 children, my grandchildren in their home.
My little daughter in New York City in 1990.
My dear father and my baby daughter when she was born in New York long ago.
This is a musical instrument called SIKUS. I have one at home.
My daughter celebrated my birthday in a lovely Restaurant in New York.
This is me in my early 50's in the front garden of my aunts' house.
This is me in my late 30's, long ago. I was happy in New York back then...
My Unique Poem...
I experimented a dramatic change in my life's journey.
It settled down in my whole being as a spiritual transformation,
Like Winters go into Springs, and nights into day lights.
The Lord touched my life with His Celestial connection,
And He enabled me to establish
A wonderful Heavenly communication.
What a marvelous experience!
I feel like a brand new person in all I do.
What a joy! I serve the Lord!
I may cross fields with clouds or sunshine,
Bathe with the rain and smell the morning dew.
But it's certainly true in all I do, I feel His Divine power,
Every day and in every passing hour.
I was lost. Now, I am found.
The Lord has shown me the way
Everywhere I may have gone,
In every road in night and day.
I was a helpless child lost in the woods.
I looked up at the sky and prayed...
My Lord and Shepherd found me weeping
And shivering under somber shrubs or leaves.
I saw His bright Light among the trees.
He shook my emotions with His Heavenly devotions.
He gave me hope and light, so I could see.
The Lord gave me shelter and food.
He has been my strength, my fortress, my rock.
I was a lonely child, a weeping willow lost in the wood.
He did not promise that life would be a bed of roses,
Although it would be worth to try.
The journey could be harsh with stones in the way.
The crossing of life's roads is an amazing challenge,
And every meaningful moment counts in a day. 
The Lord granted me the blessing of my spiritual transformation.
I feel His peace, love and all by my side.
His message of truth is a Heavenly connection
That has reached my heart and each corner of my life,
As a positive and meaningful creation.
I experimented a wonderful change.
What a joy! I serve the Lord!
It settled down in my bones and in every drop of my blood.
No regrets, as I go on living
And count my blessings with so much love.
I hastened through the tempest, snow storms and all.
Jesus comes for my spiritual rescue.
He saves me after I stumble and fall.
My morning light has got even brighter in the raging deep blue sea.
As He promised, He would never leave and keep on loving me.
Author: Poet Starry Dawn.
Have a blessed time!
Until we write again...


Chatty Crone said...

Starry - let me say from your old photos I recognize you in this little girl. How precious you were and are still. I also like to see a picture of things where you live like your books. Love, sandie

Starry Dawn said...

Hi dear friend, Sandie,
Oh! Thank you for taking your precious time to read my post and offer your heartfelt comment!
I have just added lots of pictures for you to have an idea of our world here and over there in different time frames. As you can see, I've got lots of things, not only books, but also many cats...
I hope you will see this post again. I added more pictures for you, sweetheart. I don't have new photos to share. My old camera broke down. I'll buy a new camera in New York next year in the Spring of 2013, if that is God's will. Then, I'll be able to share more pics of our world. Now, I am rather limited about what I can do, you know... I can hardly walk. You see, I hardly go outside...
I hope you may understand me.
Thank you anyway, for stopping by and saying nice things!
I truly appreciate your kindness, Sandie, sweet dear friend.
God may always bless you, your dear family, and those you love!
Warm Hugs,
Poet Starry.

EM Illustrator said...

Hi Starry,
Thank you for sharing the pictures of you and your family, it was very interesting to see and read about it.

Starry Dawn said...

Hi Eva,
I am glad you visit me today.
It is always encouraging to see that my Online friends appreciate what I write and offer on my sites.
Welcome Aboard at anytime!

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

Thanks for sharing the photos of you and your family. I appreciate your taking the time to visit my blog and comment. Best wishes with your writing.

Starry Dawn said...

Oh, you are so very kind, Brenda Kay, for taking your precious time to visit me, and write your lovely comments in my blog post.
Thank you so much, sweetheart!
I also find your stunning blog a wonderful visual experience.
All the Best,