Monday, May 7, 2012

"The Last Condor in The Mountains." Extinction is Forever.

"The Last Condor in The Mountains." Extinction is Forever.

The condor passed. It left the memories of its path
On the surface of the Earth and upon high.
Birds are Symbols of Freedom.
The tempest roared under its wings,
Mountains rolled the mist gazing upon its flight.
The earnest expression of commitment
Was their loyalty to the same mate for life.
The condor passed. Birds are Symbols of Freedom.
Once upon a time, the story tells...
The flute begins to play as their bosom fly,
While condors' eyes are watching their offspring
Carefully placed on a hidden nest
Upon a high hill, where the wind sings.
Condors' Mountains drew high dreams upon the clouds.
Condors were giant silhouettes drifting away upon high.
The home and spirit of ancient civilizations,
The whispers of rhyming whistles,
The realizations of silent sounds,
To Andean Condors, those Giant Mountains were giving shelter,
No longer chain of mountains -on Earth- was found.
The condor passed through the storms...
The sun basked under its wings.
Those giant birds would glide 'till the end,
When there wouldn't be any more Springs.
Those rare giant figures crossing the blue sky
Were flushing their wings like a thunder
On the summit upon high.
They watched it all and lived their lives 'till the end...
They were giant riders in the air upon the sky.
The last andean condor passed...
Unfortunately, they would travel no more...
They were endangered rare species in a way to extinction.
Now, they are extinct from their natural environment.
Just a few condors live in U.S. Sanctuaries,
Where Americans try to save them from complete extinction.
When condor passed, the sky roared a thunder,
Mountains stood tall and brave.
Rocks felt the impact of its wondrous presence,
Although they were standing still and safe.
Birds are Symbols of Freedom.
The glowworms only guarded their sleep,
As mother nature claimed the condor's feast.
How gorgeous, majestic and breathtaking views!!...
The last condor passed with its majestic nature.
Birds are Symbols of Freedom.
Let me soar on freedom's wings!!
So the true message to the world, I could bring...
My deep heart over condors' wings will always sing.
The requiem began...
Time was running short...
And when roaming was finished,
Then, the last condor's life exhaled, and it was over...
The epitaph was signed with the rain,
For the last flights had not been in vain.
The glacier shed a tear not in vain,
For the last condor who no one would see again...
The andean condor's lonely body lay on the ground.
The weeping mountain shed another tear,
For the last falling condor, who -to earth- was bound.
I'll always remember Symbols of Freedom.

Author: Poet Starry Dawn.
This poem is dedicated to the memory of condors, an extinct species. Humans sent them to extinction. Extinction is forever.
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Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish I was a bird sometimes, to be able to soar like this and to see those beautiful views. I love the picture with the horses and the mountains in the background. Lovely post :)
Have a lovely day my friend.
Big hugs

Starry Dawn said...

Hi sweet dear friend Eva,
Oh!! Thank you so much for visiting my most important blog,
reading important news to know, and offering your precious comment!! Now, you know me a little bit more. I do not sell anything. I am a nature lover, an animal lover and advocate.
Unfortunately, I have hard times in moving around, and there is very little that I could do for my best friends, the animals. I see them suffering a great deal, and my heart bleeds in pain...
I wish I could help them more...
God keeps blessing in everything you do, Eva darling!! I wish all the best for you, and those you love, sweetheart.
Someone who cares is a golden treasure to me.
I highly appreciate our friendship.
Have a blessed day!!
In God's Garden,