Monday, November 16, 2009



Not long ago, one of my cats caught a bat inside our apartment. It was of a microchiroptera type of bats. I heard the bat crying. Then, I got closer to it and softly placed a small towel on top of it and called my fellowman. He had to free the poor creature out the window. I guess, it was rather lost. We don´t kill animals, not even bats... We are animal lovers and advocates. We care for animals in need of help. We are conservationist of our nature.

The natural environment creates its own biodiversity, and where they dwell and reproduce themselves. Mother Nature is Wise!!

My fellowman and I live in a big city life surrounded by tall buildings and towers.

We have realized that there is a nest of bats in the tower of our building, just like in many other buildings in the city where we live. Bats find protection and dwelling facilities in the windows or trees or in any narrow space where they could hide during the daylight.

In fact, they come out at night to hunt only insects. Bats hibernate when things are going bad for them, although they live a long life.

I must admit that it is rather scaring for me to see them flying all over the apartment at night time. My dear cats are always on the alert and ready to catch them.

I recall now that one day, I was alone in the apartment at night writing in my PC in the computer room when I saw a microchiroptera flying on top of my head. I screamed. I closed the door...

My cats then, were ready to hunt. Next morning, I did not see it again.

Starry Dawn.

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