Thursday, March 26, 2015


In the early morning hours on Wednesday, March 25th of 2015, my dear cat, Sonya was taken to the Vet's Clinic. 
She was badly bleeding, blood coming from her blind right eye.
Nothing was possibly done. Sonya had Skin Cancer, a terminal illness very fast and deadly, which is called "Malignant Carcinoma of Squamous Cells."
Her cancer was located on the right side of her face, behind her blind right eye, her right cheek and lower jaw, which was previously amputated. Her tongue kept falling out of the gap between her upper jaw and the lower one.
It was very sad seeing her in this way!
Sadly, things got worse for her in the last 24 hours. Her blind right eye was still swelling, protruding, and badly bleeding, as if her tears of blood were falling out...
It was terribly sad realizing that she was suffering so much pain in this way.
SONYA PARTED INTO ETERNITY AT 12 P.M. I'll always love her and miss her so much!

I'll share some pics of her transition throughout her lifetime...
Sonya's last days looking at her toys...

Her twin sister, Chitta, and her many furry friends
welcomed Sonya with open arms.
I am unable to describe or give details of her last days, because
I am completely devastated.
I could easily go blind in tears at all times.
My heartbeats went all the way with Sonya's departure.
You see I am grieving so much, because I lost my best furry friend, the one who gave me her true unconditional and healing love, something that humans have never done.
Perhaps, there might be many folks who may not understand me, and/or my feelings towards pets, especially those who don't like animals,
or don't care much for them.
I am sorry, but I shall be going OFFLINE for awhile from this moment on.
Of course, I'll still read and write Emails to my loved ones.



Chatty Crone said...

Peace be with you.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Starry, We are so sorry this happened. Cancer is such a bad thing.
You gave the kindest gift that there is,,, to let her be set free- back to the creator who created her spirit. You listened to her and did not let her suffer. You were unselfish.
She has angel wings now,, and she will always be with us.
We know your heart is hurting so much. We light a candle right now for her,

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I'm am so sorry you lost your dear cat. It is such a hard thing to get through.

Starry Dawn said...

Thank you, sweet dearest friends for visiting and giving me words of comfort in this sad time of my life!
I highly appreciate your sincere condolences.
My dear pets are like real family to me.
May God bless you all!