Monday, June 18, 2012

The Spirit of the Horse.

"The Spirit of the Horse."

As a freelance writer, I may say that there are all sort of people in this world, the ones who care, and the careless, who don't care about anything, but themselves. A generous and compassionate heart is a golden heart with a living God in it. This poet cares so much for the ones in need of help. You had better believe it, because I've got a huge true love for the helpless ones...
Teaching good life lessons will be stored in people's minds, as you go about touching hearts worldwide. If you are a writer, why don't you tell an inspirational story with good deeds in the end to touch hearts worldwide!! Perhaps, there is something wrong in the world that needs to be fixed. So tell us about it what is going on wrongly, for every word counts in the end, so these words will build up mountains, and they will scream, yell and shout their living rights everywhere. And their echoe will be heard for each and everyone...
As you may already realize, I am an animal lover and advocate. I love dogs, cats, horses, and so on. Well, I am going to tell you a story with two horses this day.
Just up the road from my home is a field with two horses in it. From a distance, each horse looks like any other horse. But if you get a closer look, you will notice something quite interesting...
One of the horses is blind.
His owner has chosen neither to have him put down, nor be sent to the slaughter, but has made him a safe haven and comfortable barn to live in.
This alone is pretty amazing.
If you stand nearby and listen, you will hear the sound of a bell. It is coming from a smaller horse in the field. Attached to the horse's halter is a small, copper-colored bell. It lets the blind friend know where the other horse is, so he can follow...
As you stand and watch closely to these two friends, you'll be able to see that the horse with the bell is always checking on the blind horse, and that the blind horse will listen for the bell. Then, he'll slowly walk to where the other horse is, trusting he will not be led astray.
When the horse with the bell returns to the shelter of the barn each evening, he will stop occasionally to look back, making sure that the blind friend isn't too far behind to hear the bell.
Like the owners of these two horses, God does not throw us away just because we are not perfect, or because we have problems or challenges.
God watches over us and even brings others into our lives, in order to help us when we are in need of help. Sometimes, we are the blind horse, being guided by the little ringing bell of those who God places in our lives. God guides our footsteps as we follow Him with a true faith.
In other times, we are the guide horse, helping others to find their way if they get lost or astray.
If you had a blind animal, would you take care of him/her, or let him/her go?? I wonder...
Frank is my 17-year-old Siamese cat. I feed him with food and water on daily basis. Ositoy and Sonya are 10-year-old European style cats. Sonya has developed some sort of cataract in both eyes. If she goes blind, I shall always take good care of her, no matter what. I love them all!!
Thank you for reading My Monthly Newsletters!!
Poet Starry Dawn.


EM Illustrator said...

Hi Dear Starry,
What a lovely post and I loved reading about the blind horse. He does have a great friend [the one with the bell] and animals tend to look after one another. I used to have cats and dogs back home. But here in Ireland I don't have any pets.
Have a lovely day my friend!

Starry Dawn said...

Hi Eva,
Thank you for coming over and expressing your heartfelt thoughts!! You are always so sweet.
God bless you, Eva and those you love!! Have a blessed day!!